Cookies policies


We hold our clients and we understand that consumers rely on our site as a primary tool for information about the real estate market and specifically the SOVA PROPERTIES EOOD projects. For this reason, we rely on technologies like “Cookies” to make Your stay on our site easy, productive, confidential and seamless.

What are “Cookies”?

„Cookies” are small text files that are stored on the device you use to reach the desired website – computer, laptop or other mobile device.

Why do we use “Cookies”?

“Cookies” is the technology that allows every web site to work seamlessly. To do this, „Cookies” are divided into necessary, analytical, social and advertising cookies.

Necessary “Cookies” can influence the user experience and the functionality of the website.

Analytical “Cookies”, respectively, help us to analyze how our website is being used (for example, number of users). With this information, we identify the necessary changes to improve the website.

Social media “Cookies” make page sharing and social sharing more easy, fast and seamless (one click).

Advertising “Cookies” help us to smartly manage the ads that you see online both on our site and outside it. With these “Cookies”, only ads that are interesting and intriguing for You will reach you.

How can I chose my “Cookies” on SOVA PROPERTIES website?

You can change Your “Cookies” settings anytime by clicking on “Cookies”. There You have the possibility to choose which type of “Cookies” you prefer to use our site. In “Cookies settings” you can find a list with all “Cookies” in any category. It’s important you keep in mind that “Cookies settings” on our website don’t guarantee the erasing of all settings made until that moment. This you can do from the settings of the web browser you are using.

How to manage and deactivate the “Cookies” on Your web browser?

Keep in mind that Your web browser settings may not give you the same ease of use as the cookie settings on our website. If you deactivate all “Cookies” or all “Cookies” on our site in Your web browser settings, You have to know that some sections or functions on our web site won’t work. This happens when Your browser blocks the necessary cookies. For Your convenience you can use “Cookies settings” on our website instead of disabling all cookies through your web browser.